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What is Free-laskutus?

Free-Laskutus offers a service where you can easily start invoicing companies as a light entrepreneur. We are constantly developing our service to give the best service for light entrepreneurs and their clients.

You can easily start invoicing companies using Free-laskutus. You just need to register and start sending invoices. We help you with all issues and also do most of the paper work for you.

Our service is for everyone who wants to achieve a better income by invoicing instead of receiving a salary.



What is Light Entrepreneurship?

Light entrepreneurship is a modern way to work and to find work without establishing your own company. Free-Laskutus Oy offers an easy way into light entrepreneuship, everything can be done even on your phonescreen.  Light entrepreneurs are not employees to the companies or individuals they invoice, instead they are working under “toimeksiantosuhde” (work assignment agreement).

By being a light entrepreneur Finnish authorities can not determine when and how much work you can do. Free-Laskutus makes it very easy to start working as a light entrepreneur, in which our users get the benefits of having  your own company without the bureaucracy involved in running your own  company.


+  Appromax 10% more income
+  Possibility to work without working hour limits*
+  Working without being an employee
+  YEL-pension insurances flexibility and freedom
+  Easy to start
+  No bureaucracy
+  No entry fees

*Some work might have laws which prevent you from working 24/7 (E.g bus drivers)       

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How to register?

Registering as a user is  free with Free-Laskutus. It is also easy and does not bind you into any contracts. You can easily just stop using Free-Laskutus and  become an entrepreneus or an employee if you choose to go that way. Free-Laskutus is also cheap to use, we only take 4% usage fee from your invoiced amount (tax free).

We do not have minimun fees or costs.

Start using: freelaskutus.fi
1. Register at: Extranet
2. Add your information (E.g. address, tax card and bank account number)
3. Create your customer invoice
4, Your customer pays the invoice
5. We will transfer the money into your bank account (automatically deducting our service fee)/b>

Customer service

You will most likely have some questions concerning light entrepreneurship. Or maybe you will need some help from us when you are doing your first invoice. Whatever the situation you can contact us for help for free – that’s the Free-laskutus way of doing things.

We offer customer service in Finnish and English. So far we have not had a situation in which we would not have been able to help.

You can send your questions by email: asiakaspalvelu@freelaskutus.fi

Call us on our customer service line (no extra fees): 020 332 345

Chat with us on our page here,  we are available from 9am to 8pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Signup to the service

It is easy and does not cost anything.
Signup now!

2. Fill you personal info

Start your journey as a light entrepreneur filling basic info like your social security number and IBAN. Remember also to upload your tax card to the service

3. Create customer

We need to know basic info of your customers that our service knows where to send the invoice.
Name, Business id, email OR electronic invoice information.

4. Create and send the invoice

Just fill all fields, create the invoice and click send! 
It is just that easy!

Try to be a light entrepreneur

Signing up is free and easy. You pay only as you go.

Support and FAQ

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