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Free- Laskutus offers an easy and legal way to work in Finland. Within our service you can invoice all your work or even get all of your workers to invoice your company. You can also easily test your business idea without the risks involved with being a business owner in Finland.

We aim for high quality in everything we do here at Free-laskutus. We also do everything to help those have not been able to find employment in Finland. Our service has been created for everyone to get a better position within the Finnish work life.

We know how much time it takes to run your own business or finding a salaried work position. You also need to understand various Finnish laws and gather information upon all the different pensions and insurances. So most of our users have left that to us – we take care of most of the paper work and offer free help for our users in any of their situations. Our users have many more hours to do their own work instead of working out the fine details within the Finnish laws. We want you to concentrate on what you can do the best – leave the rest for us.

Free-laskutus is always actively developing the service so that we can offer the easiest and the best solution for you to invoice your work.

Every new customer is a possibility for us to get better. We are a reliable partner and we do everything according to the Finnish laws. We are also a member of Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy Luotettava Kumppani -service.

Is Free-laskutus a better solution than being a business owner?

To most of our users – it is. We have developed our service for years to offer an easy, legal and cost effective way for you to invoice your customers.

  • No bureaucracy
  • No accounting
  • No need to take care of pension papers
  • No need to take care of various insurances
  • You are free to decide with whom you want to work with
  • You are free to work when you want and how long you want
  • You get a salary and also accumulate pension (if you need to take YEL insurance and have took it within our service)*

That is just a short list of all the benefits. Every user has their own story and their own reasons to use Free-laskutus. Liity jo tänään – our service is free to join. You only pay 4% service fee when your customer pays their invoice. So join today and let us know what is your reason for being a light entrepreneur.

How to employ using Free-laskutus?

If you already have a company and need to hire new workers – it is very easy to hire them as light entrepreneurs. If you have never had workers before you likely do not know all the extra paper work included with hiring personnel in Finland. However if your workers invoice your company using Free-laskutus you don’t even need to get your company into employer registry or do any other extra paper work. So getting seasonal help has never been so easy before.

Benefits in using Free-laskutus as a business owner:

  • You get only one invoice per person a month (or how you agree upon). You don’t need to pay other extra costs such as TyEl- (work pension), accident-, grouplife- or liability insurance, tax withhold or social security costs.
  • You can agree upon the payments and benefits case by case
  • You don’t need to arrange occupational health agreements
  • You don’t need to do payroll accounting or hire someone to do that for you
  • You don’t need to pay for sick days
  • Easier to budget costs

Those are just few benefits when your workers invoice your company using Free-laskutus. It is a legal way to have a better way to budget your costs.

About Free-Laskutus

Free-Laskutus Oy was established in 2015. Free-laskutus has a long term goal to offer the best possible service for light entrepreneurs to invoice companies according to all legal requirements. Every new user is a possibility for us to make our service even better – so if you have any questions how you might get the best out of our service – please contact us.

If you have overall ideas how to make our service better, please let us know by email

*It is not required to get YEL insurance using Free-laskutus service. User can have already made agreements upon YEL insurance. In a case you already have YEL insurance, please let us know after registering.

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