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How to become a light entrepreneur?

Becoming a Finnish light entrepreneur is easy with Free-Laskutus. You only have to:

  • Join our service
  • Fill in your details
  • Fill in your customers info
  • Create and send an invoice
  • Take it easy and let us handle the paperwork

Entrepreneur like work is easy with Free-Laskutus. We take care of paperwork and will help you with your question regarding light entrepreneurship in Finland.

Light entrepreneur as a long-term solution?

If you feel like being a light entrepreneur is a long-term solution for you – it is very easy to invoice all your work within our service. However, then you need to take an entrepreneur’s employment pension insurance (YEL).

You can easily get the entrepreneur’s employment pension insurance within our service. Read more info about YEL here: YEL- vakuutuksen.  You can get the YEL insurance within our extranet and it only takes a few seconds to activate it. Remember that you need to pay the monthly YEL payments yourself.

Light entrepreneur as an additional work

You can invoice your light entrepreneur work whenever you want – some do it only once a year. Many users have a salaried job and they do side work as a light entrepreneur every now and then. Being a light entrepreneur makes it very easy to have additional income and most of light entrepreneurs have started doing it as an additional work.

You only need to take the YEL insurance when your invoices are over 7656,25€ (2018 YEL limit) during the last 12 months.



1. Signup to the service

It is easy and does not cost anything.
Signup now!

2. Fill you personal info

Start your journey as a light entrepreneur filling basic info like your social security number and IBAN. Remember also to upload your tax card to the service

3. Create customer

We need to know basic info of your customers that our service knows where to send the invoice.
Name, Business id, email OR electronic invoice information.

4. Create and send the invoice

Just fill all fields, create the invoice and click send! 
It is just that easy!

Try to be a light entrepreneur

Signing up is free and easy. You pay only as you go.

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